Daoist Study-Course: Guardings and Commandments incl. Certificate

Daoist Study-Course: Guardings and Commandments incl. Certificate




Guardings and Commandments in Daoism are essential to any Daoist practice.
This Video-Course teaches male and female practitioners how to cultivate them on a daily base.

Daoist Priest Cheng San Tan teaches in this course:
– how to practice Daoism in daily basis
– understand what is Guardings & Commandments
– benefit of taking Guardings & Commandments
– improve your spiritual power
– have connection with Heavenly-General Spiritual Officer Wang, who will guard you in everyday basis.
– two divine incantations that you can use to protect yourself from evil and upcoming dilemma.

This course also includes a special ceremony hold in the Dao-Temple where a holy register is offered to the gods. A certificate of Guardings and Commandments will be sent to the student. You need to keep it , it is important for your Dao practice.

Certificate will be send by post, please leave your shipping details when ordering this course.


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