Talisman Study Program – Fundamentals


Talisman Study Program – Fundamentals

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This is the 1st course in the Talisman Study Program, study the fundamentals and basic techniques. Learn how to make and use several Daoist Talismans of the Celestial Masters Tradition (Tian Shi Pai), learn the internal methods and rituals to develop the skills needed, to apply a beneficial Talisman.

With an extensive introduction and step by step explanations with detailed demonstrations of drawing of each Talisman and Q&A`s,  the webinar will give you a great opportunity to learn ancient methods from an authentic source.

Daoist Talismans are used for many purposes. They can support healing, protection, exorcism, bring harmony, effect relationships, good luck, wealth, etc.

Next Webinar:  Sunday 21st July 2024 – 3pm  (The Webinar will be around 2-3  hours)


Registration Fee:

169,90€ p/Person incl. Course-Book (with detailed descriptions)

You will receive an email with class details and Zoom link after registration.

Class replay will be available.


Tools and utensils are not included. You need to prepare paper, brush, ink, seal stamp, etc.

We offer several essential items for the talisman practice in our Online-Shop.




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