Traditional Daoist Education

Study Daoism, Daoist Practices and Culture. Our Study-Programs, Webinars and Video-Courses for Daoism, Daoist Practices, Philosophy, Cultivation, Health & Longevity Arts, Talisman, Art of Tea, etc.,  offer a variety of Daoist Studies from an authentic source. Study in a professional environment and join our community of international practitioners from over 30 countries.

The courses are designed to teach students with and without prior experiences and with or without Chinese language skills. 


Local Courses

International students can study Daoist Ceremony, Music, and other Daoist practices at the Lao Zi College in Germany. Lodge and practice at the Yu Zhen Guan Dao-Temple.



ONLINE Study-Programs

The Online-Programs are open for everyone interested in studying Daoism, Philosophy, Ceremonies, Daoist Music and other practices at your own location.



Video – Courses

Video-Courses for individual study of Daoist Ceremony, Talisman, Daoist Rituals, Internal Cultivation, Art of Tea and other Daoist arts. Every Courses includes Study-Materials and/or Course-Books with detailed explanations of the practice.



NEW:   Health & Longevity Arts

Learn Daoist practices to nurture the body and mind, to keep a healthy and strong condition for a long life. Our detailed Video-Programs include step-by-step explanations of each form and movement.  Each program is a complete Set including theory and practice. Wudang Qi Gong ,  Tai Chi , Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, and more.

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Join our regular Webinars with topics of Daoism and Daoist cultivation. Webinars are recorded and students are able to watch the replays.

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Free OPEN Lectures

Join our regular free Open Lectures. Subscribe and receive Invitation Emails to every lecture.

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