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The Online Study Programs are open for everyone interested in learning Daoist Philosophy, Ceremonies, Liturgy, Rituals, Music and many other Daoist practices from an authentic source. The programs give any practitioner a real opportunity to learn and understand the Daoist practices as taught in Dao-Temples in China.

We offer following Study-Programs

Daoist Ceremony Study-Program

Our program offers a combination of a virtual classroom with live-video conferencing, tutorial videos, study materials, regular Q&A sessions and online groups and chats for study-exchange and open discussions. The program is divided into 4 Semester, each with a specific focus. Students can choose to participate in only one or two semester or they choose the complete program. The semesters are repeated after each term, so students can join the program any time. Classes will be recorded and shared for later replay. No prior experience required.

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Dao De Jing Study-Program

This year-long program introduces students to the Dao De Jing, a main canonical text of Daoist philosophy. We will examine Laozi’s description of the way and its power chapter by chapter in a blended program of lecture and discussion. This gives students the opportunity to reflect on their own understanding of Dao and how to weave that understanding into their daily practice.

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Discover Tea

Discover Tea and learn the Chinese Tea-Culture with us. Our Study-Programs include Basic-Tea-Knowledge, tastings, history, Tea-Making, farming and processing, etc. Study-Materials, products and equipments are from our own production. Students benefit from professional Experts and highest quality.

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Daoist Music Study-Program

Daoist Ritual Magic/Sorcery Study-Program

Chinese Caligraphy and Art Study-Program

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