2 years Training-Program


2 years Training-Program



A comprehensive 2-year study program for Daoists that want to expand the knowledge and deepen the practice to enter priesthood and learn the ancient methods from experienced masters. The program covers ceremony, ritual, daoist music, history, talisman, internal arts, Daoist medicine, Ba Zi, Yi Jing, scriptures and Qi Gong etc. Students will receive extensive knowledge and the ability to apply and use all learned methods. This special designed program is for Daoist practitioners of all levels. Beginner and advanced. The lessons and teaching materials are in English, scriptures are in Chinese with Pin Yin transcription. We provide English translations of all scriptures and texts, so that non-Chinese speaking students, as well as Chinese speaking students have the opportunity to learn the original. Every participant needs be able to pronounce Pin Yin words. There are numerous videos on YouTube to learn the Pin Yin within a day or two.

The main teacher of this program is Daoist Liu(Liu Cheng Yong) , 24th gen. Daoist high-priest of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai and chairman of the German Daoist Association.

Other teachers and masters will be announced during the program. There will be several exams over the period of this course, to ensure every student progresses.

Live video conferences are recorded and the replay can be viewed any time.

All details and data will be sent to the participants by email after registration.  


This course contents but is not limited to the following

Year 1: Foundational Studies

Weeks 1-8: Introduction to Daoism and Basic Philosophy

  • Daoist philosophy, basic principles, and foundational texts.

Weeks 9-16: Ceremony and Rituals

  • Daoist ceremonies, rituals, and proper conduct.

Weeks 17-24: Daoist Music and Chanting

  • Introduction to Daoist music, chanting, and musical instruments.

Weeks 25-32: History of Daoism

  • Historical development of Daoism, key figures and movements.

Weeks 33-40: Talisman and Symbolism

  • The art of creating and using talismans, symbolism in Daoism.

Year 2: Advanced Studies

Weeks 1-8: Internal Arts – Tai Ji and Bagua

  •  Introduction to Tai Ji and Bagua, Daoist internal practice.

Weeks 9-16: Daoist Medicine

  •  Herbalism, acupuncture, spiritual and alternative healing methods from a Daoist perspective.

Weeks 17-24: Ba Zi and Yi Jing

  •  Introduction to Chinese astrology (Ba Zi) and divination (Yi Jing).

Weeks 25-32: Advanced Scripture Study

  •  In-depth study of Daoist scriptures and methods.

Weeks 33-40: Qi Gong and Meditation

  • Advanced Qi Gong practices, meditation techniques.
  • Throughout the program we will introduce several internal methods to practice

  At the end of this course the students will have a fundamental knowledge from all areas of study. Every student presents a project of a self chosen topic of Daoism

Ongoing: Mentorship and Practical Experience

  • Throughout the program, students may engage in mentorship with the teachers and experienced Daoist priests.

Weekly Online Classes:

  • One to Two live classes per week, classes are recorded with additional recorded materials for flexible study.
  • Regular class discussions, Q&A sessions, and virtual practice sessions.


Starting Date: 9th June 2024


Fee & Registration :

Fees can be paid monthly or all at once. 2 years Program all at once 3100€ now only 2888€ or Monthly for 133€ (for 24 months). All study-materials and certificate included. We appreciate your understanding for our no refunds policy.

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