Dao Study Group

Become a member of the Dao Study Group and join our international students growing a great community of like-minded practitioners.

This group is open to join for every person interested in Daoism, Daoist practices, culture and all aspects of Daoist cultivation.

We offer a combination of virtual classroom with live-video conferencing, tutorial videos, study materials, translations, weekly class updates and online groups.

Live-Classes will be recorded and shared for later replay. So you don´t miss anything, if you can´t make it to class.

Content will be reviewed extensively to ensure all students learning progress.

Learn a wide range of Daoist practices and how to apply Daoist practices and principles in your daily life.


The course includes but is not limited to the following content:

Theory: Basic-Knowledge, History, Daoist theory, Philosophy,

Scriptures: Classics, Liturgy, daily Altar Scriptures, incl. Translations,

Culture: Ethnics, Chinese language & calligraphy, Tea & Inscense ceremony, Precepts, converting

Practices:  Talisman + applications, Internal Alchemy/Nei Dan Gong, Meditation, Tu Na Gong (Breathing Methods),

Ceremonial: Chanting, Incantations, Rituals & Gestures, Daoist Music,  Daoist crafting

Healing: Longevity Arts, Daoist Healing Methods, Spiritual Practices, etc.




Sign up and join the class right away. Monthly Fee: 30€    (paid in advance on 1st day of each month)

If you pay a year in advance we reduce the fee to 330€ per year.


You can join the program anytime and also leave it at any time if you wish to.  No refunds.

Classes are Sundays



劉诚勇 Liu Cheng Yong (Daoist Liu),

24th gen. Quan Zhen Long Men Pai Priest,

Chairman of German Daoist Association

Director of Lao Zi Daoist College Germany



This Dao Study Group is a continuous course and different from the Daoist Ceremony Study Program

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