Daoist Ritual Music Online-Course

Daoist Ritual Music Online-Course



Learn the melodies, hymes and ceremonial instruments of the Quan Zhen Zheng Yun in every detail. Daoist ceremonial and ritual music is practiced to worship deities and immortals.  With an extensive introduction and step by step teachings you will learn the commonly used ceremonial music and hymes for High-Rituals (Gao Gong). This course is essential for Daoist practitioners studying Daoist Priesthood(高功).

The course is specially designed to teach Non-Chinese speaking, as well as Chinese speaking students. The course will be in english, we use Chinese to sing and chant the original melodies. The texts are transscipted into Pin Yin and translated into English for better understand.  Please learn how to properly pronounce Pin Yin before the course starts. Contact us for advice if needed.

The weekly Live-Classes are recorded for later replays, so you won´t miss anything.


The course is one semester (6months)

588,88€ incl. Course-Book with traditional sheet music, Pin Yin & English translations

Next course:   10th June 2023 – 7pm (UCT+1)   – Classes are Saturdays


Following is a list of instruments used during this course.

Ceremony package


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