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Teachers of the Lao Zi Daoist College

Daoist Priest Liu

Daoist priest and headmaster of the Wudang Temple in Germany ,President of the German Daoist Association and Wudang Pai Germany. Read More

Liu Wenzhuo

Liu Wenzhuo is an artist, musician and tea biologist who teaches Chinese tea culture, art, calligraphy and music in the College. Her deep knowledge makes her one of the top experts in Europe. She is Vice President of the German Daoist Association. Read More

Elizabeth Semenoff-Grenon

Has been practicing the Daoist arts for over 10 years, including tai chi, qigong, chanting, meditation, and study of the central Daoist texts. Her journey began in Canada and has taken her to many different places. She has a strong foundation in Mandarin after spending 4 years working and studying in China, a significant portion of which was spent in the Wudang Mountains. She became a disciple of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai (Dragon Gate lineage). After returning to her home in Canada, Elizabeth has continued to study, practice, and teach the Daoist arts.

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