Master Class

Master Class



All students graduated the 4 semesters Fundamentals-Program and complete the 5th semester “Ritual Music” or students with equal knowledge and skill-level, can apply for the “Master-Class 1”. This next level of the Daoist studies program will open a whole new universe to the participants and for the first time in history 高功 Gao Gong (High Rituals) is authenticly taught in the west. After completing “Master-Class 1” , students can enter the “Master-Class 2” program and continue the 高功Gao Gong studies on a higher level.

The “Master-Class 1” is divided into 2 semester.  Classes will be recorded and shared for later replay. The teacher of this program is Daoist Liu (Liu Cheng Yong), ordained Daoist High-Priest 24th gen. Quan Zhen Long Men Pai and chairman of the German Daoist Association. 


“Master-Class 1” includes but is not limited to following contents:


  • Daoist Music & Scriptures

– 经 Jing – 科仪音乐 Ritual Music & Chanting – Ritual Scriptures

  • Ceremony & Rituals

– 朝科 Chao Ke incl. 步罡Bu Gang (Stepping rituals) , 圣班Sheng Ban (pray to deities), 上表Shang Biao (holy registers), etc.

  • Ceremony Misc

– 牌位Pai Wei

– 表Biao, 疏文Shu Wen, etc.

– 符箓Talisman

  • Internal Practice


Next Courses: 

Master Class 1: January 2024 , January 2025

Master Class 2: June 2023,  June 2024



Study-Fee: 868,88€ per Semester (includes Study-Materials & Videos) If both semesters are paid at once the Study-Fee will be 1666,88€ (for 2 semesters) Students may transfer the study fee with their application via PayPal to: Contact:  



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1 Semester, 2 Semester


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