Dao De Jing – Study Programm

This year-long program introduces students to the Dao De Jing, a main canonical text of Daoist philosophy. We will examine Laozi’s description of the way and its power chapter by chapter in a blended program of lecture and discussion. This gives students the opportunity to reflect on their own understanding of Dao and how to weave that understanding into their daily practice.

The interactive, online course runs weekly in 60-90 minute sessions. We provide a basic copy of the English translation of Dao De Jing and will  have the relevant chapters on the screen as we move through the book.

If you sign up for a year, we will send you a copy of the Dao De Jing Special Edition (w/ Artwork) as welcome gift.

Additionally to the classes we will share daily quotes and teachings into our Students What´s App Group.

We offer monthly and annual payment options. The cost works out to just 1€ a day!

Sign up and Register HERE

Classes are Tuesdays at 5.30pm (UTC-8)

Teachers: Elizabether Semenoff-Grenon & Daoist Liu

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