Receiving the Daoist Precepts incl. Ceremony & Certificate

Receiving the Daoist Precepts incl. Ceremony & Certificate


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The Daoist precepts are essential and important to the Daoist practices.

This ceremony includes to receive the Nine True Mystical Precepts 九真妙戒 as offered to the gods in form of a holy petition.
This Video-Course teaches male and female practitioners how to cultivate them on a daily base.

Learn and understand the Daoist precepts and be able to apply them in your daily life.

This Video-Course also includes a special ceremony hold in the Yu Zhen Guan Dao-Temple, where the priest offers a holy petition to the gods. A certificate will be sent to you by post. Please leave your shipping details. You need to keep to certificate protected and secured. The certificate (牒) is important for your Dao practice.

Please provide Full-Name, Address, Birth-date when register.

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