Lao Zi College

Cultural education in Chinese language, philosophy, painting & calligraphy, the art of tea and tea culture, Chinese pottery, traditional music and other traditional culture.

At the Lao Zi College students can also learn the traditional Daoist ceremonies and Rituals, which are taught in a compact training program and intensive workshops. We host several workshops every year for our international students.

ONLINE -Programs

Our Dao-Studies online program offers a combination of a virtual classroom with live video conferencing, tutorial videos and online groups. The program is divided into 4 trimesters, each with a specific focus. MORE INFOS

Video – Courses

We offer Video-Courses for individual study of Daoist Ceremony, Tian Shi Talisman, Daoist Rituals, Art of Tea and other traditional daoist arts. Several courses include Study-Manuals with detailed explainations of the practice.


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