Wudang Qi Gong – Standing Pillar – Shi San Zhuang


Wudang Qi Gong – Standing Pillar – Shi San Zhuang

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Wudang Shi San Zhuang, the 13 standing pillars is a traditional Qi Gong Exercise which cultivates the Qi and Song. Standing Meditation calms the mind and the practice helps to prevent illness and strengthens the body inside out. An old saying: All styles are born from the standing exercise. The 13 pillars include positions from different Wudang Styles and can develop a strong foundation for any style.

This course teaches the Basics and Positions of Wudang Shi San Zhuang with detailed explaination and background infos.

Includes: Qi Gong LEVEL 1 – Wudang Shi San Zhuang Course

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